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Sahara Desert Morocco offers a selection of trips away from tourist trails to discover the most beautiful regions of an authentic Morocco, country with incomparable hospitality, sun and contrasts. From the mountains of the High Atlas to the borders of the Sahara Desert, from imperial cities to the beautiful shores of Essaouira, Morocco offers its unusual landscapes with many facets. If you dream of going on a journey of discovery that will forever be engraved in your memory, then our trips are made for you. Sahara Desert Morocco, expert in authentic travel in Morocco, takes care of everything to make you live exceptional moments in the company of a team of Berbers whose values ​​are both simple and essential: respect for others and the nature, the warm welcome, the exchange, the sharing of ancestral know-how and the satisfaction of the people traveling with us.

Sahara Desert Morocco Objective and Commitment

At Sahara Desert Morocco, we are very proud to be one of the best local travel companies that offer reliable and the best possible services to its guests whilst travelling in Morocco alongside giving an insight into Moroccan culture, cuisine, traditions and natural beauty of Morocco. It is right that every one works to earn a living and we at Sahara Desert Ltd works hard to offer you rewarding and remarkable holiday experiences and to show our guests real Morocco the way it should be seen. Throughout our journeys we always aim to make our valuable clients discover our wonderful country in general and Berber culture, traditions and current everyday life in particular.

Our ultimate Objectives are

  • Make your trip an unforgettable experience that lasts in mind for long time
  • Show you Morocco the way it should be seen
  • Satisfy all our guests as possible as we can
  • Preserve the beauty of our rich natural and cultural heritage

Our main Commitments are

  • Offering you the best and reliable possible services
  • Offering you a 24-hour travel support before, during and after the trip
  • Guarantee you will have an amazing time travelling with us
  • Providing professional and experienced guides during your journey with us
  • Providing a variety of reliable air-conditioned vehicles available for tours and transport
  • Take care of all your travel arrangements
  • Be at your service and give you all information you may need about you selected trip
  • Select the best possible and comfortable accommodations to suit your needs
  • Create the ideal itinerary that suits your interests and budget

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Our Top Selected Sahara Desert Morocco Camps & Safari

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Sahara Desert Luxury Camps

Sahara Desert offers private deluxe mobile camps throughout the most fascinating regions Morocco has to offer...

sahara desert desert fixed camp

Eco Mobile Camps

Our Eco-Mobile tented camp is the most traditional form of camping transported to the most scenic and rarely-visited parts of Morocco. ...

Sahara Desert Safari tented camps

Safari Light Mobile Camps

Our Safari Light Mobile Camps are private tented camps that we use to explore the wilder parts of Morocco ...

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Some Rules & Tips to Follow For Your Safety On the Sahara Desert

Here are some rules and tips to follow once you are on the sahara desert. First of all for your safety, always carry a safety whistle around your neck. Sandstorms are unpredictable and one may need to make known to one’s group if one has strayed or lost. Second safety tip: Drink! Drink all the time … even when you’re not thirsty! Dehydration arrives without warning and heat stroke is devious and devastating. So drink up to 6 liters of water a day in small, regular amounts. For the sun, you must absolutely use a sunscreen: in these latitudes the sun burns our skin faster than in Europe and the long-term ravages are dramatic. Hygiene rating, remember that in the desert, nothing really disappears: your toilet paper will not fall apart and if you bury it, the winds will unearth it. Use a lighter and burn your paper once used … it is the best solution to not leave traces. Also carry with you an old toothbrush and a little paraffin to lubricate: this will be useful when the desert wind has clogged your zips and zips (bags, clothes, tents, duvets) of thousands of small grains of sand. Put a small amount of paraffin on the toothbrush and rub: the bigger one will go easily. Finally, plan in your luggage some gifts for guides or local people encountered: some clothes, drugs, dynamo lamps, confectionery … it will always be a simple gesture of conviviality and mutual aid perfectly welcome. Of course all these tips are to supplement your particular needs, your experience and the context in which you find yourself, but it is already a starting point.

7 Recommend things You should Experience in the Sahara Desert

Quad Adventure Tour

A quad adventure circuit in Morocco offers you an unforgettable experience and allows you to experience a unique driving sensation. Whether you are an amateur or confirmed practitioner, Sahara Desert Ltd has designed a specific network of circuits for lovers and lovers of adventure travel to practice your passion and make you discover at your own pace the most beautiful regions of Morocco on board a machine with four wheels.

A Sahara Desert Spa Day

Erg Chebbi & Erg Chigaga nomads swear by the healing properties of the Saharan sand and currently they start teaching visitors the way to use these to their advantage too. After the sun rises, Berber men dig up holes in the desert dunes where visitors will then lie for up to twenty minutes (water served!). This “sand bath” is claimed to be sensible for muscles, aching limbs, some skin diseases and getting coldness out of your bones.  And it’s most effective in the heat of the summer months. conventional spa in the world, but it’s definitely an interesting way to experience the Sahara.

Sand (Chocolate) Boarding

You do not actually always need an ocean to surf!  In the Sahara Desert, the sandy dunes become the perfect waves to surf on your own. sand/snow board or sand ski! Just select one of the massive golden dunes around your sleeper camp and rejoice! But bear in mind – there aren’t any ski lifts here, so it’s on you to walk back the dune every time!


Most of us live in areas with high population density and light-weight pollution that obstruct the natural starry sky. Almost every night within the desert the sky is therefore clear that you believe you were in space. starry Sahara Desert sky on top of you. You’ll be left in awe of the countless stars, the deep blue sky and the deafening silence around you as the night falls. For the wannabe astronomers, you can download a free stargazing app to help you find planets, constellations and even the International Space Station!

Spot wildlife

And once you’ve enjoyed your dinner, make sure to go away for some leftovers near your camp. After that, it’s a waiting game. The smell of the food can attract local wildlife for a midnight Sand-witch . That could be anything from desert mice to a desert fox. You can do this over a few nights, and the fox will become braver, giving you masses of excellent photo opportunities.

Around the camp fire

Nothing can be better than sitting with friends around a camp fire in the sahara desert talking, playing music, telling stories and enjoying warm tea in chilly night. And it’s the best way to keep warm on winter nights when temperatures drop dramatically at night.

Watch the sunset & sunrise

In any corner of the world, sunset and sunrise are always beautiful. But in the sahara desert it’s something different and so magical. You will observe the way how the golden dunes of sahara are getting painted with the warm colors of the sky. a wonderful atmosphere not to miss. Ideal for couples as well.